2013 Hopkins Volleyball Team

      GO ROYALS!

    Congratulations to our 3 Seniors - Talia, Megan and Sierra!
    We'll miss you!

    Strength Training - with Coach Tommy - Be there!
    WHO: Varsity - Junior Varsity - B-Squad - 9A/B Volleyball Players
    WHAT: Off-season Strength & Conditioning Program
    WHY:   Teamwork, prevent injury, gain power & strength
    WHEN: Tuesdays & Fridays; 3pm-4pm
    WHERE:   Weight room in Lindbergh Center

    Coach Tommy will have a program for each player.  If the player is involved in a program within their club team- no problem!  He will let you know what to do/not do so overuse will not be an issue. Embrace this opportunity to improve!

    Note: Attending our strength training in the off season is not mandatory.  If your daughter would like to participate but has a conflict with Tuesday and/or Friday, please contact Coach Swenson to discuss.

    SECTIONALS:  Hopkins vs. Edina
    Royals Varsity falls to Edina in a 5 set upset.
    23-25, 25-11, 30-28, 20-25, 12-15

    Hopkins vs. BSM
    Varsity finishes the season with a 3 set win over BSM!
    25-19,25-17,25-22.  JV won in 2 sets.

    STMA Midwest Fall Classic
    Varsity took 2nd place at the tournament

    Hopkins vs. Minnetonka
    Varsity shuts down Minnetonka in 4 sets, to end Tonka's winning streak!
    25-23, 21-25, 25-22, 25-23   Our other teams had a tough night...
    JV lost in 3 sets, BSquad lost in 2, 9A lost in 3 and 9B lost in 2.

    Hopkins vs. Eden Prairie:

    Royals fall to EP in 5 tough sets - 25-18,27-25,28-26,25-14,19-17
    JV won in 2 sets! BSquad and 9A lost in 3 sets, 9B lost in 2.

    Hopkins vs. Edina:
    Varsity takes it in 3 sets at Edina 25-18,25-22,25-22
    JV, BSquad and 9A all won in 2 sets, 9B lost in 3 sets.

    Varsity Wins the Royal Invitational Tournament!
    In the Gold bracket, Varsity beat Bemidji in 2 sets and STMA in 3 sets!

    Hopkins vs. Wayzata
    Hopkins fought for 5 sets but lost to Wayzata 25-23, 20-25,25-22,17-25,15-17.
    JV lost in 3 sets and BSquad lost in 2 sets.

    Hopkins vs. Orono
    Varsity wins it in 3 straight sets!
    JV won in 2, B Squad lost in 3, 9A won in 2 (9B did not play)

    Varsity - Wins the Eagle Invitational Tournament!
    Varsity beat Apple Valley, Lakeville North in 3 and Eden Prairie in 2 sets!

    Hopkins vs. Minnetonka

    Varsity falls in 5 to Minnetonka in a battle to the very end 15-25, 25-18, 16-25, 25-22, 19-21.
    JV wins it in 3! B Squad lost in 2, 9A took it to 3 but lost & 9B lost in 2.

    Hopkins vs. Eden Prairie:
    Varsity falls to Eden Prairie in 4 set battle, 25-15, 31-33!, 21-25, 16-25.
    JV, B Squad and 9A all lost in 2 sets. 9B took it to 3 sets but lost as well.

    Hopkins JV - Burnsville JV Jam - 1st Place!
    In pool play, they beat Concordia in 3 sets, Champlin Park in 2 sets.
    Gold Bracket play they took Blaine in 3 sets and then Hastings in 2 for the 1st place finish!

    Hopkins B Squad - Lakeville North 10th Grade Tournament - 3rd Place
    In bracket/pool play, they beat Bloomington Kennedy in 2 sets, Belle Plaine in 3 sets.
    Gold Pool play was tough and they lost to Lakeville North and Blaine for a 3rd place finish.

    Hopkins vs. Edina:
    Varsity beats Edina in 3 straight sets, 25-19, 25-20, 25-11.
    JV also wins - in 2 sets, B Squad won in 3 sets,
    9A won in 3 sets and 9B won in 2 sets.

    Hopkins vs. Wayzata:
    Varsity shutdown Wayzata in 5 sets, 25-16, 20-25, 22-25, 25-17, 15-8.
    Tough night for the rest of our teams... JV lost in 2, B Squad lost in 2,
    9A lost in 2 and 9B lost in 3 sets.

    Hopkins JV - Blaine JV Invitational - 1st Place!
    In pool play, they beat Champlin Park in 2 sets, Totino Grace in 2 sets and Wayzata in 3 sets.
    Final round they took Blaine in 2 sets for the 1st place finish!

    Hopkins B Squad - Burnsville B Squad Bash - 2nd Place

    Hopkins vs. Roseville:

    Varsity battled and wins after 5 sets, 23-25, 25-21, 26-24, 21-25, 15-13.
    JV won in 2, B Squad lost in 3, 9A won in 2 (no 9B).

    Hopkins vs. Centennial:

    Varsity for the win in 4 sets, 25-19, 20-25, 25-19, 25-21
    JV won in 2 sets, B Squad lost in 3 sets. 9A & 9B both won in 2 sets.

    Hopkins vs. Jordan:
    Varsity takes it in 3 straight sets! 25-21, 25-14, 25-18
    JV won in 2, B Squad won in 2, 9A lost in 3 & 9b lost in 2.

    Hopkins vs. New Prague: 
    Varsity wins it in 3 sets, 25-22, 25-21, 25-22
    9A wins in 2, 9B won in 3 and B Squad won in 2. JV lost in 2.

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